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I don’t have to make sense! I’m Italian!

Actually, really, technically, I’m Ava Gardner, I travel incognito using the name Valentina, alias Val.

Elizabeth Taylor, old films, Bette Davis, dead movie stars, beautiful people, hollywood royalty, foreign cinema, movie goddesses and their boobs, Amna, all in that order.

stating some facts

  • classic hollywood sex lives are my #1 hobby
  • i met marion cotillard twice, yes i cried.
  • big heart towards old hollywood, i love nearly everyone (except for the spawns of satan)
  • engaged in a brief argument with mia farrow on twitter
  • middle aged people are constantly ruining my life
  • i pray every night to the italian holy trinity of sexy, sophia loren, claudia cardinale and gina lollobrigida

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